What's unique about our process? 

You can apply anytime. We accept applications on a rolling basis. If you're accepted, we'll work to find a place for you as quickly as possible. 

  • Test-optional—Your ACT or 坐 scores aren't required for admission. 
  • 免费应用程序—We waive the application fee for you.
  • 负担得起的—Over 90% of our students receive 金融援助. Plus, applying early can 帮你省钱


1. Start Your Free 在线 Application 

Use our application or the 常见的应用程序 开始吧. You can always take a break and come back to finish or check your status.

Keep in mind, you'll have to self-identify throughout the application. Here are a few instructions to help you:

  • 一年级学生: I'm about to graduate high school or I haven't attended any college after high school graduation. (This includes students who completed AP and Dual Enrollment courses).
  • 转学生: I've completed classes of any kind at a college or university AFTER completion of high school. Review our transfer process
  • Readmission Student: I've attended 哥伦比亚大学 within the last five years. 如果是这样, submit the readmissions form.

应用 应用程序状态

2. Request Your Transcript

Official transcripts should be sent 直接 from each school. Already have college credits? 查看线上澳博application steps for transfer students

3. 可选步骤 

Submit Recommendations

Ask your high school guidance counsel或 submit a letter of recommendation. We also ask that you submit a recommendation from a teacher who taught you in English, 数学, 历史, 科学, or a foreign language course during 11th or 12th grade. 

Letters of recommendation can be sent through the 常见的应用程序 或 documents@makananbeku.net.

坐 & ACT分数

Your 坐 or ACT score is required if you are applying for a scholarship, but it is not required to apply to 哥伦比亚大学. Use our school code 5117 to share your 坐 scores, and use school code 3850 to share your ACT scores.

有问题? 与线上澳博联系: 800.277.1301admissions@makananbeku.net, or contact a member of our 招生团队 直接. 

Office of 本科 招生
1301 哥伦比亚大学

How do I know I'm eligible to apply? 


To be eligible for admission as a freshman, you should be a graduate of an accredited high school or its equivalent. We recommend 16 or more college preparatory academic courses should be earned in the following: 

  • 英语(2门)
  • Laboratory Science (2 courses) 
  • Foreign Language (2 courses)
  • 代数I和II
  • 几何
  • 和你.S. History, World History, Social Sciences, Advanced Mathematics, or Natural Sciences.

Non-Degree Seeking Student

When applying as a non-degree-seeking student, please note the course you are applying for in your application. You must submit an application for each semester you are a student and you'll be required to pay your course fees before you register.

Second Degree Student

If you are applying for a second degree you'll be required to submit official transcripts from every institution you have attended since graduating high school. Once your application and documentation has been received you'll be asked to pay a $50.00申请费.


在大多数情况下, we respond with an admission decision within one week of receiving all the required documents. Admitted students are notified by mail and will receive follow up information about next steps, 比如经济援助, 住房, 取向, 和注册.


线上澳博是来帮忙的. Reach out to our 招生团队 to discuss how to apply for college, 金融援助, 奖学金, 和更多的.